Membership List Database FactSheet

David A. Robertson (JADER Ltd)
  • Price at today’s rates: £120 / annum / organisation payable in advance of using the software. 
    • 3 concurrent users able to modify the data and send outward bound correspondence. 
    • 1 Organisation – additional organisations may be added as and when required.
  • ​The Membership List Database is a way of managing members of any organisation, and maintaining audited communication out.
  • Please note that some time and care needs to be employed in any list membership system as confidentiality and structure of communication needs to be adhered to.
  • The quality of the data is subject to the control one has in having the data updated and observing that email addresses remain up to date.
  • Internal organisational procedures may be developed when dealing with member details informational changes to enhance the quality of the changing data. For instance, whenever a member requests that their email be changed this should only be actioned when an accepted email has been sent to the Organisation secretary. So for security purposes the new email may be verified, and there is an audit point from which we may proceed.
  • Email addresses which are defunct may have the profile associated with them made inactive as sending to defunct emails is not good practice for the SMTP gateway being used. It might be blacklisted if mass emails are sent to bad addresses.
  • Help, in the form of PDF documents, is available from within the product.
  • The product is in a constant state of evolution and we are developing the software, in ways that make the product worthier of the user, and take feedback in for future development possibilities. JADER Ltd is looking for long term commitment to the product and for that reason shall keep the changes occurring.
  • Features Include: 
    • Templated message creation. 
      • Useful for preparing messages that are sent regularly. Time may be employed at this stage to make the messages consistent and accurate.
      • The recipients may be selected at this stage. Either by group or individual members.
    • Group Selection by Member Attribute
      • This means that members may be selected by intelligent attribute selection.
      • For instance, the attribute “Committee” might be applied to certain members and then used to select those members.
      • Also Active members may also be selected, or non-active may also be subtracted from the selection. 
    • Member Update Link and Screen
      • It is possible to send out an update link to the current email on file. This update link may be sent to all members when setting up the list and annually when asking members to check their details.
      • The link may be sent on an Ad-hoc basis to new members and when members request that their information be changed.
    • Tokenised Insertion of Profile Information.
      • The information we have on profile may be inserted into any communication so as to personalise the message.
      • The customisation of the email may provide different information to different recipients depending upon the data held on file. 
    • List reporting – output to PDF, Excel, printer
      • The member list may be reported on for informational purposes to inspect the data having been entered.
      • Two reports have been added so far, a summary and a detailed report.
    • 1 Organisation – Many Lists
      • It is possible to have 1 organisation which establishes member records for more than one attributable type of member. For instance, an association has members. They might also like to add “profiles” for events, so a set of market traders may be added with a particular attribute which may then be selected by to send out correspondence to those traders. Without affecting the association members. NB: It is possible to attach the attribute for market traders to members also therefore avoiding duplication. This sounds complicated, however, the system should handle this and make it procedural and organised to avoid confusion.
    • Mass Attribute Attachment / Removal
      • It is possible to attach / remove attributes using a mass approach.
      • This means attributes may be added / removed after the addition of certain profiles.
      • Allows for lack of information and subsequent design correction.

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