Is Multi-Cloud the Future?


It’s one of the top buzz words in technology for 2019, but what is multi-cloud and how could it benefit your business?

What is multi-cloud?

As the name suggests, multi-cloud is the weaving together of various (primarily cloud-based) data storage methods to meet an individual business’s or project’s needs.

This may include mainstream public cloud services (like AWS or Azure), private cloud solutions (like our, data centre colocation and existing onsite servers.

What are the advantages?

Multi-cloud lets businesses select the most appropriate solution for each element of their IT and flex as their requirements evolve.

It helps organisations safely separate critical services and increase their diversification and protection against physical and cyber threats. It’s a good way to control costs too.

For example, IT projects can be partitioned, every-day services can be stored locally, remote workers can benefit from public cloud and critical data can be better protected with colocation or private cloud.

Access priorities and speeds can also be better controlled by placing big or critical data in highly connected and available environments, like colocation or private cloud.

Is it the future?

In 2017, a study by Microsoft and 451 Research found nearly a third of organisations were using four or more cloud providers. This is typically to increase resilience and counter the rising costs of mainstream cloud which some experience as their data grows.

One of the newest weapons in the war on costs is private cloud. An exclusive cloud environment is created (in a known location) which provides the flexibility of public cloud but with greater security and lower operating costs as data volumes rise. With our partners, we’ve developed one of the most innovate private cloud solutions now available.

GDPR and other regulatory forces are increasing the need to demonstrate data protection and sovereignty. Multi-cloud is being adopted by many companies as a way to minimise threats, isolate customers data and reassure stakeholders.

How can MIGSOLV help?

At MIGSOLV, we provide a complete range of managed solutions to help you blend private cloud, public cloud, colocation and your existing IT.

With our dedicated connections to major peering points, we can improve your access to public cloud services including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and SoftLayer.

As mentioned, we’ve developed a private cloud, hosted in our world-class data centre, which provides a highly-secure, fully supported and easily accessed cloud environment, exclusive to your business. As your use of mainstream cloud services rise, it can help reduce costs.

At the centre of our services remains colocation in our Gatehouse data centre, ensuring world-class protection with high physical security, 24/7 support and diverse connectivity.

With MIGSOLV, there’s no need to settle for a single solution to your changing needs. We can help you determine the right mix and enjoy every benefit of a modern multi-cloud solution.

Visit or contact us today on 01603 510323 to find out more.

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