Online Data & The Real Risks For Your Business

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The internet has given entrepreneurs access to a global network of consumers. Despite the many benefits of online accessibility, there are also many dangers. From hacks by organized crime organizations, to foreign interference in national businesses, no company is entirely safe from the threats caused by the use of digital technology. Whether your company has an online presence purely for marketing purposes or you have invested entirely in digital data storage, there are vulnerabilities that you are exposed to. If you’re not sure of the extent of those threats, then here are some of the key areas that you need to be aware of.

Viruses and Malware

These are constant threats to businesses of all sizes. Computer viruses, worms, spyware, and other types of malicious software are all too easy to find online. These are the reason why you need to keep your security software updated as regularly as possible. Whether you use in-house servers or cloud platforms, having the right endpoint protection from established security providers like can ensure that your business is as safe from malicious intent as possible.

Social Media Threats

Due to their popularity and high rates of use, many people assume that social media companies are not at risk of hacks and data breaches. However, platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have already been exposed to security failures. This means ensuring that your social accounts are fully optimized for the right level of privacy, and that segmented access to these accounts is prioritized. Remember that social media platforms gather data continuously, and that data flow needs to be more carefully managed by you.

Law Firm Access

One of the growing trends for cybercriminals is the gaining of access to external systems via a law firm. Smaller legal teams that have less than secure online management can leave your business far more exposed to malice. When you consider the information and data that your law firm has on their files, having your business exposed to a breach through this route can be very dangerous, and difficult to prevent against. This is why it’s vital that you only use those external companies that have a clear security protocol. Before you align yourself with any kind of company, especially law firms, make sure that they not only have a focus on cybersecurity, but that they also have a data breach action plan in place as well.

Mobile Threats

If you share company data via a smartphone, then you are open to threats. Not only is this aconcern from a digital standpoint, but the practical realities of lost or stolen phones should not be underestimated. While tougher security procedures and guidelines can help to prevent this, the most important factor to consider is staff training in safer online behavior. When even a simple hack can damage the credibility and reputation of your brand, then it’s essential that your use of smartphones for work is controlled, managed, and kept as secure as possible.

The right software and the right security mentality can go a long way in boosting the safety of your business. Make sure that you keep up to date with the latest cybercrime trends and that your team is as aware of these threats just as you are.

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