An open letter to Norfolk's business leaders - please read and share

  • Help Norfolk's economy grow - be part of #TechNation 2018 today
Huw Sayer, Business Writers Ltd

Dear Norfolk Business Leaders

We need just 5-minutes of your time to help keep Norfolk on the tech map of the UK.

You may know that Norwich has featured in the nationally important #TechNation report for the last three years. Government ministers, policy makers and international business leaders read this report when making investment decisions. It’s vital for the region’s economy that we maintain our high profile.

However, the report is changing. The NEW Tech Nation Survey from Tech City UK is looking at the strength and diversity of regional clusters. If we don’t generate enough responses by Friday 2 February we won’t be included - and that could damage confidence in our region.

What can you do to help Norwich and Norfolk make this year’s #TechNation report?

It’s simple – just take the 5-minute survey – and then encourage everyone in your network to do the same. You might not think of your business as a ‘tech company’ but if it depends on digital skills, this survey is for you and your team.That includes people in your organisation like systems administrators, app developers, website builders and digital designers. 

This survey is not just for 'techies'.

In fact, Tech City UK wants to hear from people across the industry. They want to know about the opportunities for high growth businesses, and the quality of education and training. They want to hear from anyone who:

  • Works in a tech business
  • Founded or leads a tech business
  • Works in an organisation that supports the tech sector (local government, charity, not for profit organisation)
  • Provides services for tech businesses (consulting, legal, accounting, finance etc.)
  • Invests in tech businesses
  • Teaches digital skills
  • Runs a start-up incubator or accelerator.

But hurry - the survey closes Friday 2 February.

Remember – it only takes 5 minutes, so please grab a mug of tea and do it now. Here’s the short form link for you to share

The #TechNation reports have transformed the way people see the UK’s digital economy. They have captured the strength, depth and breadth of tech activity across the UK. Crucially – they have revealed the scale of talent in communities such as ours.

The people at Tech City UK tell us that Norfolk returns the most survey responses outside London. Let’s not disappoint them this year. Together, we can make this #TechNation 2018 the best report yet.

Please share the following message with your network on twitter, facebook and LinkedIn:

Help keep #Norwich on the #TechNation map 2018. Have your say - take the NEW @TechCityUK survey today:

Thank you for your support.

Huw Sayer

Business Writers Ltd.

PS: Please feel free to send this open letter to your contacts.


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