Our Solutions to the Three IT Threats Most Concerning Businesses in 2019

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As we help businesses protect, connect and manage their IT and data, we’re increasingly frequently being asked about three particular security threats. Visit any IT event and they’re never far from the topic of discussion...


  1. User Credential Theft

It’s great that more and more businesses and their staff are becoming aware of - and wary of - ‘phishing’ emails which seek to trick users into giving away their access credentials.

Unfortunately, the frequency and sophistication of phishing emails is rising. Relying on spam filters, URL filters or staff themselves to spot malicious emails is no longer protection enough. Businesses are understandably looking for better solutions as a breach could hand hackers complete access to their critical systems and data.

Our solution is to use credential theft protection within a firewall. This physically stops users inadvertently submitting their credentials to any malicious website without relying on them to spot it.


  1. Malware Through Encrypted Traffic

It’s estimated nearly 80% of data transfers are encrypted to increase security.

Predictably, hackers are following suit and it is believed one-third of malware attacks are now similarly encrypted so they enter undetected amongst encoded data. Businesses are understandably looking for practical protection.

Many existing firewalls cannot scan encrypted data. As such, toxic content can enter an IT system without detection. Our solution is to decrypt all data at the firewall in a controlled environment. The data is checked for malicious content and anything suspicious is quarantined and blocked from entering.


  1. Zero-Day Attacks

A ‘zero-day’ attack is when a virus or malware is deployed for the first time. Businesses are more and more concerned that existing cyber security provides little protection against new threats.

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are increasingly used across technology, it’s unsurprising that hackers are exploiting them too. Zero-day attacks are rising as current protection struggles to spot new and evolving threats which have never been seen before.

Our solution is to utilise behavioural analytics (itself a form of AI) to look for any action or anomaly outside the norms performed by a business’s IT systems and its users. In conjunction with enterprise level anti-virus software, it delivers unrivalled protection against both known threats and those yet to be developed.


For more information on these and other solutions for protecting, connecting and managing your IT and data, including our ‘Security Posture Assessment’, please visit www.migsolv.com or call 01603 510 323.


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