A Software Development Challenge in a South Norfolk village.

David A. Robertson (D.A.R. Enterprises)

Some might ask what is the difference between computing in a village, a town or a city? The answer probably comes down to how many community hubs (pubs) there are within a 10 or 15 minute walk. In other words not a lot of difference. Although there is a need to walk through the community, whatever the location, and make those connections worth making and ignoring everything else, unless it is in your face. By making these connections a software developer is able to practice their art.

I have found that a quick dash to the shop to talk to the lady serving and sometimes the odd customer makes for the removal of any mental blocks that might be occurring.

A Software developer (coder / programmer) requires what many others also require. Three meals a day, punctuated with the odd snack (Fruit :), or Eccles cakes - used to be chocolate), a roof over their head, decent tech to work with, and funds to pay for overheads. These days you could throw in a decent internet connection also.

Why is it a challenge? If the days work is not a challenge then you are not making forward progress. If things seem too easy then I get the feeling that something is wrong. It might just be me, everything is a challenge to me (feels like running uphill all the time), it makes life interesting and it keeps the largest muscle in my body happily exercised. Sometimes (well quite often actually) this muscle tells me to go to the pub and have my one pint.

I shall say that there is a beautiful moment in any workday when the challenge disappears and the last peice of the jigsaw puzzle falls into place. This is momentary until the next challenge presents itself.

The fact that the business is situated in South Norfolk has importance for two reasons: 1. it is close to the Suffolk border, 2. It allows for inclusion in the Norfolk Chamber. Being close to Suffolk is good as it is a whole different market place to sell into, and inclusion in the Norfolk Chamber has many benefits, one of which is this forum.

I seek the next Challenge.

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