Spot a gap, raise £2.5 million and launch! Louise Birritteri of Pikl explains

  • Pikl CEO
Neil Foley

We have all thought of a great business idea, the next big thing and then got back to the ‘day’ job. Let’s face it, ideas are ten a penny.  It’s taking action that counts.
Louise knew the insurance market well and spotted a gap in the market just waiting to be filled.  Rather than just think about it, she went all in and has worked for over two years creating her product and bringing it to market. The work involved has been enormous and together with a great team here in Norwich they are now ready to launch.

Along the way, they raised £2.5 million from a mix of investors including probably the most high profile business person in the insurance sector, received regulatory approval, worked out a route to market and are now ready to launch PIKL to the world, literally.

If you ever use Airbnb and have an interest in the sharing economy, this is for you.

Hear Louise’s extraordinary story here:


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