Windows Surface – what’s all the hype?

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TechRadar have given it a 4/5 score.

They say in tablets, the big guns have big names. Apple has its iPad 4 and Google has the Nexus 10. And, if Microsoft is to take on the might of Apple and Google in the tablet space with Windows 8, it needs a big name of its own. Microsoft Surface is the poster boy for Windows RT too, the brand-new version of Windows 8 designed for ARM. Other Windows RT tablets and hybrids are available click here to read more.

So what’s all the hype and what do we here at React think?

Alan says: My initial thoughts are I liked it as a business tool more so than the iPad. That’s mainly because of the Office Apps which I use all the time in my everyday business functions, using Windows 8. However I thought the IE(internet explorer) app was  a little cumbersome at times to use. I also found the use of orientation not as good as the iPad but then I suppose iPad have been doing it for longer, other users have told me they find the G-Sensor to be overly sensitive when holding the tablet cradled in portrait, often triggering a rotation to landscape when they don't mean to. What I did like however about the Windows Surface is the fact you can buy a cable and connect it to your TV and therefore it's ideal for video's and presentations, I also liked the keyboard complete with flip out stand which made it much easier on the lap.

Richard says: I agree with Alan, I too liked the keyboard. Personally I prefer the iPad from a touch screen perspective however to use Microsoft products like Office you can only do that with the Surface. I do think when/if they bring the full Microsoft Office ensemble to the iPad that would be my preferred device.

Francis says: I thought on first trial the Surface had a more widescreen feel to it than the iPad. It’s also slightly heavier but the screen does seem to have a higher resolution making images sharper and videos viewed in better quality. I don’t think it feels quite as intuitive as the iPad though, however there’s always the temptation to jump to conclusions having used an iPad first you can get caught thinking ‘it’s not doing it like the iPad does’ rather than just using a different devise and not making the comparison. If you are wanting to create documents and spreadsheets then the Surface would be the way to go as the Office applications are much better. I also like the ‘proper’ keyboard facility especially when using drop down menus on a website. On the downside there are no where near as many apps for the Surface so you don’t have that ‘oh there’s an app for that’ feeling about it.

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