Chasing the Side Hustle

Neil Mason

It was only a few weeks ago that I set up East Lodge Consulting Ltd and I have been busy networking and starting professional relationships with business owners across the region.  Some time ago, I was advised to broaden my activities with one or two side hustles.  So, I've also been pursuing one of my pipe dreams as well as establishing my consultancy business.  This looks like it might turn into something fantastic - a supersized side hustle.

Chasing your dreams can sometimes feel like a fool's errand.  When I completed my first novel, There There My Dear, a few years ago I dreamt that it would launch my career as a novelist.  I was certain that my book would be snapped up by a publisher and that it would rise to the top of the best-sellers list in no time.

Then came the rejection letters and emails from literary agents who wrote that they loved the book but would not be looking to represent me.  This happened time after time and chasing my dream turned into something of a nightmare.

About a year ago I decided to write the sequel to There There My Dear.  Looking back I don't know if there was any logic behind the decision, I just knew I had to do it.  In the autumn of 2018 I was wondering what to do with the whole writing dream, and I asked a few friends if they knew anybody in the literary world.  After all, there's no harm in asking, and our networks are often larger than we imagine.

To cut a long story short, I am now speaking with an agent about There There My Dear, the sequel and the final book in the trilogy.  He loves the story, the characters and my writing style.  The next step is for my agent to bring on board a publisher - I am so excited!

This all goes to show that chasing your dreams, listening to good advice and involving your network can bring great results!  

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