The Three E's of Fleet Management

Brendon Lansdowne, Burnt Tree Vehicle Rental

It [Fleet management - to outsource or not to outsource?] can be tricky to successfully outsource something as important as your vehicle fleet, especially if it impacts upon your core business activities. However, we want to share three simple reasons why outsourcing fleet management services to an industry expert can make your life easier.

The three E’s of fleet management

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re operating in - every company that runs vehicles should be focused on improving the efficiency, economy and evaluation of its fleet.


Commercial vans and trucks are very expensive to acquire and maintain, and it’s essential that your vehicle fleet doesn’t become a financial black hole.

There is no reason to outsource fleet management if it will be more expensive than managing it in-house. However, it’s likely that a professional company could save you money in the long term.

Van leasing companies can offer competitive prices for vehicles and services, as industry connections and economies of scale often allow them to achieve lower costs than your business would incur. Some leasing contracts include MOTs, maintenance work and even breakdown cover in the price, which reduces the risk of any unexpected costs popping up.

Investigate whether a professional fleet management provider could help to bring overheads down before you make your decision.


We know that fleet managers often juggle several job roles at once. This can make it difficult to stay on top of all the little details that can influence the productivity of the entire business.

Rather than asking the impossible from overworked employees, why not lend them a helping hand? The more tasks you can automate in your vehicle fleet, the easier it will be to increase efficiency.

Fleet management solutions can help you to keep on top of complex operations. By having an industry expert to hand around the clock, your staff can focus their full attention on core business activities.


It is extremely important to evaluate the performance of your entire fleet to ensure that it is providing value to the business. However, keeping track of all this data and making sense of it can be a mammoth task.

The ideal solution is online fleet management software which enables employees to log all vehicle data remotely. The software can then track patterns and report on fleet activities independently, and dashboard visuals can make this data simple to read.

Picking between fleet management companies

If you’re trying to pick the best fleet management provider for your company, consider their industry expertise. Which firm can relate best to your pains, and what benefits can they offer your company?

We have spent decades working with customers from a wide range of industries, so we understand how to cater to specialist needs. With our help, your business can flourish. Contact us today to find out more.


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