4 Tools To Make SEO Easier To Manage

James Thomas, Square Social

Many people still think that SEO is a dark art, something practised in laboratories or basements by SEO Companies. The truth is, it’s probably closer to the opposite. Search engine optimisation is more of a science, than an art form. An SEO agency won’t just gun it when they are preparing for, or managing, a search campaign. The opposite is true, there’s a lot of planning, measurement and careful, methodical action that goes into a successful SEO campaign. An SEO campaign would be a nightmare to manage if it was all done manually. There’s too much data, and too much room for error, for this to be left to the human brain.

As such, Google and a number of companies dedicated to making the search world a better place have provided a number of tools to help manage the process and make it easier, quicker and more efficient.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is SEO 101, the bread and butter of any search campaign. Any SEO Company worth their salt will be using Google Analytics to measure their campaigns, I feel sorry for any of you who’ve had the misfortune to deal with an SEO practitioner who doesn’t know how to measure their campaigns!

But what does Google Analytics do? Google Analytics lets you measure your websites SEO progress. Once you configure this tool with your website, you’ll be able to measure how many people visit your site, what they do when they arrive, and how they got there in the first place.

Business owners and executives take note; this is something you should bring up with your respective SEO Companies if you aren’t seeing any raw data from Google Analytics in your progress reports.

For more on how to use Google Analytics, the team at Kiss Metrics have put together a very comprehensive list of tutorials and guides here.


Google Keyword Tool

Google Analytics is effectively the measurement end of your SEO campaign. Google Keyword Tool, now Keyword Planner, is the research side of things. Any SEO Agency worth their salt will willingly provide you with data extracted from the Google Keyword Tool to back up their assertions and strategy. The keyword tool allows you to conduct research and find out what people are searching for on Google. By typing in a keyword, or key phrase, Google will tell you exactly how many people are searching for that keyword each month. The tool provides you with an incredible level of specificity; you can even search by country, region, language, device type, you name it and Google have taken it into account.



Moz is SEO Company heaven. Widely recognised as one of the leading resources on search engine optimisation, the team at Moz have created a power suite of tools to aid search engine consultants in their endeavours. The tools available range from a Keyword Ranking Tool, that will allow you to track the ranking of your keyword with a range of filters applied. This is very useful for providing accurate data on how your keywords are performing outside of your local region. This is also incredibly useful for tracking, and exporting, keyword ranking data from a search perspective to your clients.

The pro edition of Moz offers a huge range of tools, including a dashboard to manage your entire SEO campaign from start to finish. Highly recommended for any SEO Agency or SEO Companies looking to improve their processes or gain an edge on their competition.


Google Webmaster Tools

Finally, we come to Google Webmaster Tools. This is a tool often not used by the uninitiated, usually more the realm of SEO Companies than business owners or executives. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to take your measurements and analytics one step further, by providing deep data on the performance of your website. You can access data on search queries that lead to visits to your website, site structure and any problems that might need trouble shooting across your site.

Combined, these 4 tools will help you drastically reduce the time you spend managing your campaigns, so that you can spend more time delivering value to your client and boosting their rankings!

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