Archant Local Impact: How do you convert website visitors into customers?

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Jamie Brown, Archant

Converting website visitors into customers is a really common challenge faced by businesses. Seeing that our marketing efforts are set up well to get people to browse but less so to get people to buy, it isn’t really that much of a surprise.

I think it is something uniquely British that we don’t like to ‘ask’ or ‘push’ for a sale. Having spent time with a number of sales trainers, closing a deal is indeed something we just seem to find unnaturally hard.

It seems it is the same with marketing.

We get asked all of the time for help with converting interest (most often expressed as website traffic) into sales, and we’ve got quite good at it using a number of different methods.

There are a few approaches that a business can use to do this but few create quite as much emotive response as online display retargeting. You will have seen this. After browsing a website you then see ads for the product you looked at when you travel around the web.

Some see these adverts as haunting and intrusive, some ignore them completely, others see them and are reminded/convinced and click to buy. As a business owner and marketer you can’t ignore this as method of driving conversions… even if you don’t really like seeing the ads yourself.

The way we see success with online display retargeting is to only show ad content that is directly related to the page a user looked at and to deliver a really strong call to action. So if your website visitor was looking at your Nike Air Max trainer page, then retarget them with a Nike Air Max offer, not one for shorts, or your brand, or anything else frankly.

Timing is also critical: to get display retargeting to work, a business really does need to understand their website visitors and be able to act quickly when they spot interest. Strike while the iron is hot and all that!

We have lots of experience in display retargeting, and other conversion tactics. If you want to find out more have a look at the online display retargeting content on our website or drop us a line at

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