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Geraldine Jozefiak - Think Mobile Media


81% of smartphone uses access the internet on their mobile devices.Google know this is so big that they and others are well into the mobile market big time.

Any household company that you can think of will have their own custom mobile app designed to attract and engage the customers they want to continue serving. 

Communication is no longer one way. Your customer both wants and needs to hear from you and about you. And they want to be able to talk back, and share that with others.

So an app, tailored to your company, is the perfect way for you to introduce yourself, interest your customer, entice them to buy and facilitate sharing.

Businesses who don’t, who continue to stay with a static website will miss out on our innate need for regular social contact by communicating with others.

It’s here, it’s big and you need to be part of it.

Look at the number of apps in the Apple and Android market. It’s in the millions. All designed in that commercial effort to fulfil the basic business function of serving customers. 

Without customers you have no business.  Growing your business through an app is an exciting extra benefit, but the first rule of thumb must be to keep giving your customers what they need to maintain a loyal following.

A fully functioning business app, designed to your business, will fill this communication gap. And it will fill it so well that you’ll go way beyond just keeping the custom you already have.

It has the powerful potential to put you leagues ahead of your competition. So far in front that you can expect a considerable change in your business fortunes.

Isn’t it time you dived in and follow the likes of Google and Apple?

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