For a Big Player LinkedIn seems to have a very Clunky User Experience

John Davy- Dojo Media Consulting Limited

A week or two back I posted a discussion on the Social Media Success Summit 2014 Group page. The Discussion raised the question about the user experience when working on LinkedIn.

It seemed to hit a nerve.

I asked the question “Why is it so difficult to create an effective presence on LinkedIn?”

What I specifically mean here is that the dinosaur of backend seems to be working against you most of the time.

When taking it all in with my bleating and the comments back from group, it seems there were eight areas that really seem to get peoples goat!

To Summarise:

1. Showcase page lockouts on installation
2. Clunky posting options with no useful api or post scheduling features
3. Repeated attempts to enable a web link will load
4. No capacity for custom image upload if a page scrape does not work
5. Odd un-useful images coming from a page scrape
6. New Invitation Icon - no ability to respond without accepting
7. No ability to edit posts even for a typo - taken away two months ago having been there for ages.
8. Getting sent to the Linkedin Group jail for genuine mistakes that remove you from all 50 groups.

I am a great fan of all that is LinkedIn and so it frustrates me enough to write this that they are not being as good as they can be in supporting the 300 million people + who see great value in their cause

You only have to go to Facebook to see what can be done. It still  may not be perfect, but they are streets ahead of LinkedIn; which if nothing else proves that the technical ability clearly exists to improve.

We are all pitching in one way or another. In order to get people to buy into your stuff, it makes sense for you to make it  as easy as possible for them to buy into what ever you are selling.

Any improvement in the eight elements mentioned above would stand LinkedIn in great stead for looking after the interests of their members.

One of the comments from Mitch Rezman suggested touching base with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

On the basis that nothing ventured means nothing gained I gave that  go. For some reason their have been a few Linkedin egnineers viewing my profile since!

Have a great week


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