Branding your Business with Coloured Envelopes

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Branding your business is worth the effort. The colours and images that you use regularly will reinforce your company and what you do in your customers' minds. And if you're lucky they will begin to associate your brand colours with your business. Think about brands that use specific shades of purple or the Royal Mail and their shade of red. When you've spent the time and money on sending out information or communications by post you need your envelopes to stand out and using coloured envelopes is a perfect way.

Make an Impact on the Doorstep

You'll want your business's communication to stand out from all of the other mail your potential customer has received. An envelope in an unusual colour with an unusual finish, like a pearl or shiny finish, will be different. If you use the same coloured envelopes, then your customer will know that it's from you before they've looked any closer.

Brand Association with Coloured Envelopes

If you are consistent with your approach and use the same few colours for all of your advertisements and communications you will claim those colours in your customers' minds. This is especially true if you are focusing on your local area as you can have a big impact with only a little effort by using a well-planned brand strategy. All of your communication with your customers needs to be in the same format with the same colours, the weight of paper and paper and envelope finish.

Think About a Brand Envelope Size

Your official branded envelopes need to be the same size as well as the same set of colours. Consider what you are sending out and ensure that the envelope is the correct size and think about keeping the same size as a standard across your business. An unusual shape of envelope, such as square rather than a rectangle, will add to the impact of your mail along with the colour.

Envelopes to Protect the Contents

Once you've put all that time and money into working out the perfect set of brand colours and writing an ideal mailshot you need to protect the contents. If you're sending out something that is easily damaged, use a bubble wrap lined envelope or one with a cardboard backing to prevent bending. No matter what you're sending have it all in the same coloured envelopes to unify your brand and keep your business at the forefront of your customers' minds.


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