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Eve Lacroix, Integro Languages


Máte telefónne tlmočnícke služby?*


Unless you speak Slovak you probably don’t know what that means. As a translation and interpretation agency, Integro Languages’ response is our telephone interpreting service On Call. Data from the UK Census shows that many British residents do not speak English as their first language. With no shared language, communication becomes very difficult.


Within their figures, an estimated one million residents struggle to communicate in English.


According to Norfolk Insight, between 2003 and 2014, Norfolk gained around 29,300 residents from net long-term international migration. The current number of non-British people living Norfolk in 2015 hovers around 46,000. Over the past five years, the highest numbers of National Insurance Number registrations for Norfolk are to nationals of Lithuania, Poland and Portugal.


Considering these facts, it seems like a smart decision for Norfolk-based businesses to cater to limited English-speaking residents. Language skills are needed by local authorities, doctors, the police, legal organisations, insurance companies… Be it a Mexican who does not understand a landlord’s housing contract, or an insurance company that needs to interpret for a Lithuanian whose car has been scratched. Many professional bodies and individuals are lacking the language skills to communicate their needs effectively.


If you are a business based in Norfolk and receive a call from a customer with limited spoken English skills, how do you react? Integro Languages is here to fill the language skills gap.


Our On Call service connects users with 5,500 linguists worldwide, allowing them to communicate in over 150 languages, around the clock. When a call is received, the operator connects you with an interpreter, thus starting a three way call between the caller, interpreter and the limited English speaker. Taking an average of just 14 seconds for an operator to connect you to a Spanish operator, and less than 60 seconds for Indonesian, we provide a fast and reliable service.


*Oh, by the way—it means “do you have a telephone interpretation service?” Luckily for you, we do.


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