Capturing The Moment with Alex James

Daniel Tannenbaum

What we are doing for Alex James London

Tudor Lodge Consultants are working with Alex James London, a photography business specialising in Fashion Editorial, Fashion Commercial, Portraits and also Moving Image. With our team of SEO professionals, Tudor Lodge Consultants have been helping to promote the online visibility of Alex James London by improving their site’s rankings on Google.

Improving Google’s ranking of a site can be done through a range of different SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tactics. We have implemented a range of these different tactics to improve Alex James London’s position on the search engine’s rankings, including the following:

Fixing up the site

One of the many ways in which we help to optimise a site is to conduct a site clean-up, also known as fixing up the site. In this process, our team ensure that all meta-titles and meta-descriptions have been fully optimised with the correct keywords for the site. The keywords for the site were discussed with the clients, and have been fully integrated throughout to ensure effective optimisation.

Keywords are integrated into a site for optimisation through, as previously discussed, meta-titles and descriptions, as well as via the internal links between pages in the site. In addition to this, we ensure that pages include internal links, and that all of these internal links are working and load as smoothly as possible through fixing response codes.

We have also ensured that the image-alt text for all media in the Alex James London website is fully optimised. By conducting a site clean-up, Tudor Lodge Consultants has helped to make this client’s site easier for Google to crawl, thereby helping to bump up its position in the search engine’s rankings.

Maintaining the Alex James London design

Whilst conducting this optimisation, we have also had to ensure that the images and overall design of the site maintains its stunning artistic feel.


To strengthen the Alex James domain, we have looked for link opportunities across other business, arts, photography and news site. Every link back to the site is like a recommendation in Google eyes and we use a combination of links to the homepage (hyperlinking the brand name) and exact words like 'fashion photographer' to create a good balance and maximise the site's authority for Google search results.

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