Case Study: Getting Festive with Lapland Mailroom

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Daniel Tannenbaum, a unique christmas gift idea from a husband and wife duo (Paul and Nicola) and has hired Tudor Lodge to help with a digital strategy and to increase sales.

Lapland Mailroom launched 15 years ago from a kitchen table in North Essex. Paul and Nicola asked Tudor Lodge for a brand overview to increase onlne sales direct to the end user and also School PTA’s as a fundraiser idea. It was clear that the concept was magical and the passion was clear to see, however the online prominence needed some work.


Paul and Nicola have been active in this market for some time and the customer retention is at an impressive 74%, all achieved with a little guidance from a digital agency on how to utilise marketing and sharing  the magic of christmas.

We asked if we could look at Lapland Mailroom as a brand new business almost starting from scratch. 

The first step was to form a strategy which allowed a long term SEO. The design of was perfect, we didn’t want to consider changing anything, the plan was to build the profile of Lapland Mailroom and the positioning for keywords surrounding Letters From Santa within Google. Social media engagement with customers on social channels including FaceBook and Twitter was also highlighted as an incremental element of the campaign. 

(Nicola says) After 2 months of the SEO campaign starting we noticed a positive shift in Google traffic. Daniel was on hand all he way offering explanations in a very easy to understand fashion. We have moved up from page 8 to page 1 and sales have started to increase week on week. We are delighted with Daniel and his team and would recommend them for everyone in Norfolk.


Brief Summary: Established business selling personalised letters from Santa. Targeting parents and grandparents in the UK. Price point of £8.95. The brief to build a brand online and increase awareness and visibility to increase seasonal sales.

Solution: Landing page design & development, PPC campaign via Google Adwords, National SEO campaign targeting 14 keywords, Social media awareness on Facebook and Twitter to increase customer interaction and after sales service.

Conclusion: One happy family


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