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When it comes to SEO, some of the hardest things to rank for include life insurance, car insurance and short term loans. Trying to rank your website in the toughest algorithm requires real dedication, focus and perhaps a different approach to how we would regularly do SEO (search engine optimisation). 

We are delighted to be working with Cashfloat, a fresh brand that has secured page 1 positions for 'short term loans' and 'payday loans' outranking some of the most long-standing and established companies in the industry. 


The short term loans and payday algorithm has historically been so difficult to rank for on that it came with its own SEO algorithm which Google updated on three separate occasions in 2013 and 2014, known as payday loans 1.0, 2.0 and so forth. 

Initially, the first page of Google for these competitive terms was dominated by 'hacked sites' who would encourage applications and sell the data over and over. At one point in 2012, page 1 consisted of only two real loan companies and 8 hacked websites. This caused the execs at Google HQ to wake up and create a special approach for these search terms, taking away irresponsible companies and protecting customer details.

The algorithm changes included demoting websites with 'thin' content that was not deemed relevant, those witih spammy or irrelevant links including private blog networks, directories, paid submissions and reciprocal link strategies.

The result for not following best practices could lead to being demoted 10 pages on Google or removed altogether, not even ranking for your brand name, a total blacklist.

How We Have Approach Cashfloat

Keeping within the Google guidelines, we have adopted a super-clean approach for Cashfloat. This has included adding regular, well-written and unique SEO content and uploading around 6 articles per week, with strong internal links to other pages. The language and content is also approved by their compliance team to ensure it is FCA friendly

In terms of links, we have had to attract natural follow links through writing useful guides and using SEO tools like Majestic to find the strongest links of competitiors and trying to replicate their backlink profiles. This is coupled with regular link disavows to Google to remove any low quality of spammy links that are naturally accumulated in the loans industry, similar to hosting, gambling and binary. 

Our success with Cashfloat has put them in a strong position leading to the busy Christmas and January spillover, alling them to maximise their returns and strengthen our relationship as an SEO partner.


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