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In order to get working on the website of our client Trovex, we had to spend some time getting familiar with the services they offer and the general get to know the general tone of their company so that we could reflect this in their content and meta-data. This is always a vital part of working with any company as we want any content on their site to appeal to their target audience.

Trovex provides superior hygienic surfaces and systems for walls, ceilings, doorsets and washrooms. All the while, their solutions work to enhance the hygiene and functionality in healthcare, leisure, hospitality and commercial environments.

Trovex’s client base was very impressive, including the NHS, and they have many years of experience. As a digital marketing company, some of these terms are very specific so we had to take time to develop an undetstanding of the product and how we could target them effectively on Google. Our keyword research and approach is moving away from very specific projects to more general times such as commercial washrooms, bathroom suppliers and hospital refurbishments.


In SEO, one of the most important things to get right is the meta-date of a website. This includes meta-descriptions, meta-title and alt-text on images. In these are not all correctly optimised it can seriously damage the websites ranking potential. In fact, good optimisation of keywords in the meta-titles can be the difference between ranking on the first couple of pages and the last few pages.

We ran a standard health check on the Trovex website. From this, it became clear that each page was missing a meta-description and the images present on the site did not feature an alt-text. Therefore, we made it our priority to getting working on writing these up and adding them in across the entire site and all of its 111 pages.

Crawl Errors and Response Codes

If you want a website to rank well on a search engine, then you will need to turn your attention to the health of the websites to identify whether there are any crawl errors or broken response codes which might affect it. These are broken links on the website, broken pages and any links that are redirecting to others - but by cleaning everything up, you enable a much smoother indexing of the website.

The initial results for Trovex in the first month are extremely positive. Once the site has been fully fixed from a health check perspective, we then need to scale our SEO activity through useful content relating to hygience and bathrooms and generating links from strong, trusted resouces in the health and business sector.


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