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David at Tudor Lodge

The entire team at Tudor Lodge Consultants are thrilled to announce that we are working with the well-renowned and very well-established team at Robert Quinn Consultants on their new website and offering, SMCR Compliance (

With so much going on in the world of finance and all the compliance that goes hand in hand with the UK’s huge financial services sector, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have in recent years rolled out a range of different regulation for different sub-sectors of the financial market to keep things fair and safe for users of these services throughout the UK.

One such type of new financial regulation is the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR), which has replaced the Approved Persons Regime for all FCA registered companies and firms in the UK. in short, this regulation makes more members of management and staff in qualifying businesses responsible for the regulatory compliance necessary.

As part of this process, Robert Quinn’s regulatory team have created their SMCR Compliance brand which features a plethora of e-learning and tools for managers and qualifying people to utilise and undertake to make sure that their businesses are fully compliant with UK regulations. Working with their team, we are using our search engine optimisation (SEO) team to overcome the following challenges in the industry and help them with:

  • Awareness of the Regulation – Many businesses who easily qualify for SMCR and all it entails are not fully aware (if at all) that they qualify for this regime. Hence, when the regulation comes in and takes effect, they may be in a vulnerable position. By helping the SMCR Compliance brand climb higher up Google, we are helping get them in front of the audiences that matter
  • Promoting E-Learning – Part of the SMCR programme required to be undertaken by firms and financial companies, is the relevant people within the businesses in question learning the relevant regulation. Hence, we are helping SMCR Compliance to increase their online visibility for their e-learning offering through the organic rankings of Google
  • User Experience – The user experience for those that reach the site is a crucial aspect of any online marketing. When it comes to SEO, it is that extra bit important. SEO allows the capturing of relevant users to the website in question. However, if the website isn’t appealing and if it doesn’t perform to a high level and at the optimum speed, users will leave. Hence, we are working on the site speed of the SMCR Compliance website
  • Crawling and Understanding – Helping Google to fully understand and comprehend everything on the SMCR website is key. Ultimately, if Google doesn’t understand and fully register the content and offerings on the website, nothing will rank currently if at all. Hence, we are working on the fundamental ranking factors to ensure Google can understand, read and register everything on the SMCR Compliance website properly
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