Custom mugs, leaderboards, themed days - how to improve morale at the office

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Daniel Tannenbaum

When you are in the office day in day out, you need to find ways to make the space you are working in feel personalised, as well as trying to think of innovative ways to keep morale high and improve motivation

From custom mugs, themed days and team photos, we offer some clever ways to spruce up your office and keep staff upbeat and positive.

Customise the space: mugs, t-shirts, doormats,…

Why not consider purchasing customised work equipment? This could be even things like mugs, doormats, mouse mats, cardboard cut outs, t-shirts etc, all of which can help the space to feel a little less impersonal for workers, but also create this sense of pride and belonging in the organisation.

Leaderboards for sales

In the communal area of your office space, why not consider having a leaderboard if you work within sales? This can help encourage productivity within the office, as well as also have an impact on your sales too, as people are competitive by nature and will want to be at the top of the leaderboard.

Put team photos on the wall

It should come as no surprise that people like to feel valued within the workspace. With this in mind, why not consider putting up team photos on the wall of the office? It can help people feel like they belong in the workspace, and that they are important to the company too. Having employees' pets and babies on the wall all goes down well and creates a good talking point too.

Employee of the month

Have you thought about introducing an employee of the month scheme within the workspace? Time and time again, this has proved itself to be a very effective way of boosting staff morale, and can even help to maintain staff retention in a firm.

The benefits of having such a scheme are multiple: not only does it make your staff feel appreciated, it also helps you as a firm: after all, if less people leave the company, that means less time and money that you will need to spend on finding new staff as well as training them.

Including themed days at the office

Sometimes, things can get really intense in the office: there may be a huge project that everyone is working on, or a particularly stressful task on a certain day. One way to make the atmosphere a little more relaxed is having regular themed days in the office, and this can help with team bonding too. Stuck on ideas for a themed day? Why not consider funky jumper days or bake offs, and raise some money for charity too? It is a winning combination.


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