Did you know you might be missing Tweet replies from key people?

Sara Greenfield of Bright Yellow Marketing

In August Twitter changed its settings to protect people from trolls and online abuse by filtering @mention notifications.

It’s fantastic that Twitter is finally taking action but for businesses there is one big downside to this.:

Twitter is filtering out valid (and sometimes important) tweets.


I have already written about how Twitter is filtering tweets in your home page, and how you can change the settings to remove this filter.

They are also now filtering notifications.

They say that they are limiting the notifications to just people you follow for @mentions, RTs and other interactions.


This makes logical sense, but the other day I missed some key responses to a tweet I had sent out from a client account.

I had asked a question on Twitter and kept checking the mobile Twitter app in case any one replied. I couldn’t see any replies and thought nothing more of it.

Two days later I opened up Hootsuite (I don’t use Hootsuite as much as I used to) - and spotted three or four replies to that tweet that I hadn’t seen via the Twitter app.

Suddenly Hootsuite is back in my good books.

I quickly checked the settings on the Twitter app, and there is now a new setting that automatically filters these notifications. Twitter had decided not to show me any of these replies!

These replies could have been from a potential customer.

You can change your own settings, but bear in mind that most people won’t even know these exist - which means that some of your own tweet replies or mentions may never be read.


To change your own settings:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click “Notifications”
  • Remove the tick from the “Only People You Follow” box.

Whilst you are there you may want to remove the tick from “Quality filter” if you want to see the most recent tweets in your timeline rather than “top tweets” as filtered by Twitter.

Notification settings will allow those using Twitter on the web or on desktop to limit the notifications they receive for @ mentions, RTs, and other interactions to just be from people they follow. The feature can be turned on through the notifications tab.

Twitter is also expanding its quality filter – also accessible through notifications. "When turned on, the filter can improve the quality of Tweets you see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behaviour"

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