Digital Marketing Trends That Cannot Go Amiss In 2019

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It is 2019, and digital marketing is a name that everyone is familiar with. It is no new kid on the block. All those ‘word-of-mouth’ business strategies and PR skills to promote any business idea have become forgotten lore of some yore. Digital marketing is the only way you can hope to further your business and thrive in a world with cut-throat competition. There are no alternative ways to it.

The internet is the place to be. Times are such that whatever you do and wherever you go, there is no way you can evade this virtual reality. The internet has you on its radar. It always has a weather-eye on all your activities, which is why there is no escaping its clutches. Come to think of it, people seem to be quite comfortable with their lives being in the constant public eye, with Facebook, Instagram and several other social media apps hovering over our existence. This thus, by default, means that the internet is the reservoir that has all our information. Whether this is a scary thing or not, is a debate that can be kept aside for some time later.

The point that we are trying to segue into is that digital marketing is that smart technique of promoting one’s business that makes use of its target audience’s interests to streamline content, derive traffic for websites and strategically convert them into loyal customers. One thing that you must understand about digital marketing is that it keeps evolving. Thus, stagnancy in the digital strategies shall be the death of your business. Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive list of some of the best trends in this domain to look out for in 2019. 

What Does 2019 Have In Store for Digital Marketing?

We shall now be concentrating on the trends in digital marketing that cannot go amiss if you want to expand your business and reach out to more people.

Social Media Conversions Shall Pique

Social Media, especially Facebook, is one of the best ways to engage your potential clients. Like we have already mentioned earlier in the article, there is hardly any soul who is off Facebook or Instagram in this age. Thus, business brands shall look forward to using social media in a bid to engage more audience and pick up hints about what they like and what works well with them. This shall enable these brands to incorporate these ideas into their products and services, frame content that reaches out effectively to these people and thus, promise a high rate of conversion.

Using techniques like surveys, questionnaires and polling on social media forums could be few of the ways in which these businesses could get a read on their target group. Social media as a part of digital marketing, thus, looks promising for 2019.

Geo-Marketing Shall be On the Rise

Geo-Marketing is the process of using geographical information (geolocation) to target potential customers as a part of marketing strategies. 2019 also looks like a good year when more effective geo-marketing strategies shall rise. Geo-fencing, for instance, is one of those geo-marketing ways where targeting audience on the basis of their location has become more accurate, precise and useful. Geo-Marketing can help businesses to concentrate on the areas thronged by their target group. Mobile ads customised for a specific geographic area can also be one of the ways used by these business organisations to improve their sales. This could be implemented by putting up mobile ads for your service, every time a potential customer walks into that particular location.

Personalised Email Marketing

Customers like it when their personal interests are reflected in the products or services they use. Therefore, brands might manoeuvre these criteria and use it to send emails to their clients and customers with effective and crisp content, one that promotes their business as well as has a personal touch to it. Businesses would rather opt for sending emails that have the promotion of products that fits the likings of their individual customers, than making the format generic. This can prove as an extremely effective marketing strategy as customers will be able to connect on a whole new level with the kind of products and services put out by these business ventures through carefully curated emails.

Refined Multimedia for SEO

Multimedia is always more engaging and fruitful than dry texts. Images and videos are liked, shared and circulated more than any other form of text. Therefore, brands might make optimal use of multimedia, videos more so, to grab more eyeballs towards their business endeavours. There are excellent ways of optimising video for search engines for a better ranking on the SERPs. Therefore, with SEO on a high rise these days, businesses might opt for using multimedia like videos to entice customers and mince money out of it.

Adding the target keywords in the Video title, URL and Description are few of the many ways of optimising your video for a better ranking.

Chatbot Use Shall Skyrocket

Chatbots are bots that help customers in their search for products and also lead them to the right place to finish off with their purchase or transaction. Everyone loves to have a little assistance while shopping or dealing with some kind of transaction. Therefore, it shall not come as a surprise if these bots simulating human beings in terms of conversation see a substantial rise in their use. It is a brilliant digital marketing strategy that businesses can make use of this year.

2019 looks propitious for digital marketing and brands need to make use of all that it has to offer so that they can scale their business, target the right audience and involve themselves in effectual planning processes. Digital marketing has been growing steadily, owing to its miraculous ways of helping businesses flourish. It is wise to acknowledge that digital marketing is here to stay and shall probably show no signs of slowing down even in the many years to come. It has become the game-changer of business expansion strategies and shall continue to be the same in the near future.   


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