Do You Ignore People?

Sara Greenfield, Bright Yellow Marketing


I learnt a valuable lesson this week.

I run a LinkedIn group for local businesses, and, even though I moaned about all the recent changes (Marmite LinkedIn groups), my group has actually grown faster in the last month than it has in the past 5 years.

Every day I have a list of new members to approve. Some people on that list were from Spain, the Far East, the US and I assumed that they had applied to join the group by mistake, not realising it was for people who live or work in Norwich, UK.

I had been ignoring them, but the other day I decided on a whim to send them a message them to ask whether they had intended to join my group, as we were based in Norwich.

Two of those people messaged me to say that they were moving to Norwich and thought the group was really interesting.

That’s two people who I could easily have missed by making an assumption. By contacting them I have created a memorable connection with them, and you never know where that will lead.

Is there an area in your social media where you might be making assumptions or ignoring people? Is it worth reaching out occasionally?


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