Do you make the most of video within your marketing strategy?

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Ian Howes, Nu Image

Video is a main player in the world of online marketing and most businesses are well aware of the concept of viral videos. When a video representing your company goes viral, it can very quickly impact on the traffic to your website and the social buzz surrounding your business, for better or worse.

But viral videos, whether natural or staged, are not the only way that videos can benefit your company. Adding movement has become an integral part of web design, be it through animations, effects or video.

We have recently relaunched our own website and have chosen to incorporate video across the pages, to showcase our Norwich digital agency and offer some vibrancy within the content. Our ‘About Us’ page features moving photos of our staff and our banners show life in our rural design agency.

Using video within your online marketing campaigns and on your website not only helps to increase user interactivity and prolong the amount of time visitors spend on the page, but importantly encourages sharing on social media and therefore lends a hand in generating more traffic to your business and potentially a higher rate of conversion.

If you are interested in giving your online image a facelift, or would like to know more about incorporating video into your marketing campaigns call us on 01603 859007 or email

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