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Daniel Tannenbaum

We are delighted to be working with new price comparison website, Proper Finance. Following the success of our work with Choose Wisely, we were so pleased to be approached by the team at Proper Finance who are looking to compete in the competitive online loans and insurance space alongside players such as GoCompare, MoneySupermarket and Compare The Market. 

The Long Tail Approach

Offering our speciality of SEO, we proposed the idea to Proper Finance that the most competitive keywords are unlikely to be obtained within the first few months of working together, such as car insurance, personal loans and credit cards. Therefore, we presented the idea of the 'long tail keyword' approach whereby you target less competitive keywords with only a few monthly searches. However, if you start ranking for lots of these terms, you are able to successfully accumulate 3k, 5k or 10k visitors per month, within the first year. 

Beyond this, you take this traffic and build it up, sending following up emails to customers and creating a relationship with them - and before you know it, you are a recognised brand and competing well in the market.

How We Go About This

We have started the campaign for Proper Finance by adding hundreds of relevant landing pages for very niche subjects including reliable lenders, trustworthy loan companies and high acceptance loans - where there are notably less searches, less competition but enough interest to generate visitors and a positive return. Similarly, we have been working on variations of keywords such as bad credit, compare, no fees, no guarantor etc - to really capture the most searches possible.

In addition, we have created SEO pages for keywords that are in the middle of the competition such as low cost loans and unsecured loans.

The implementation of the landing pages includes adding h2 headings to create a good structure and using internal links to link to other pages on the site - something that is good for use and what Google loves.

We have made some very good progress in the first 3 months, and have already ranked over 30 keywords on page one, allbeit it very niche. We expect the full results to manifest within 6-12 months and this should see us on page 1 for hundreds of niche keywords, with low competition, but high click-through-rate and conversion.



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