Email Marketing Tip: What is a bounce?

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In general terms a 'bounce' is where an email has reached your recipients mail server and the mail server has sent a message back to inform you that it hasn't been delivered.

There are a whole range of reasons as to why a bounce occurs. However they are split in to two types of bounce a hard bounce and a soft bounce.

What is a soft bounce?

A soft bounce is where an email address does exist but it has not made it into their inbox.

What is a hard bounce?

A hard bounce is where your recipients email address doesn't exist or if their mail server has blocked you.

Should I do anything when an email bounces?

A good email marketing system will handle your bounces automatically so you do not need to worry about sending to email addresses that you now know no longer exist. However It is a good idea to keep your own database up to date with this information too. You may like to keep an eye on your bounces as customer could be missing out on your communications! A quick phone call to check their email address can get your messages in front of them.

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