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We are pleased to announce our partnership with Family Money, a new family money magazine in the UK. The site's approach to lead generation is very clever. Whilst most websites these days consist of clear contact forms and comparison tables, Family Money are taking a similar style to and MoneySavingExpert. With the site consisting of thousands of editorial content, they focus on answering the key questions of consumer finance products such as loans, currencies, money transfers and insurance.

For highly specific products regulated by the FCA such as excise duties, contemporary insurance and wedding insurance - the average person knows very little about this and needs to do their research. By providing a long, useful guide, the site is able to engage the reader and potentially convert them as a customer through an affiliate link or form. Finding that balance between reading the content and incorporating calls-to-action is key here.

Our Role

As SEO specialists, it is our job to ensure that every article and its content is optimised to its fullest across meta-titles, meta-descriptions, h1 headings, h2 headings, internal links and images (and their alt-text).

We ensure that every article can be well optimised for long-tail key phrases and that a potential piece can rank for dozens of keywords.

In addition, to ensure a smooth indexation of the website, we monitor crawl errors and broken links daily to ensure no downtime for the customer and a clean experience for both the customer and reader. In addition, we aim to maintain a strong site speed of over 70/100 on both mobile and desktop to achieve fast loading of pages and ideally keep users on the site for as long as possible.

We expect Family Money to grow considerably in the next year and eventually become a strong resource for financial products in the UK.

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