Flying on Google with Piiq Risk Partners

Daniel Tannenbaum

We are delighted to have been approached by Piiq Risk Partners to help carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Specifically, to help rank the new site for their brand name 'Piiq Risk Partners' which is essential with any site launch and also keywords relating to aviation insurance and risk management solutions.

Our Approach

With the site built in Craft CMS, we spent a day understanding the structure and build of the website. Although a lot of the site is designed using hashbangs, where you click on a link and it renders lower down the page, rather than opening a new page - there are still around 6 pages which is sufficent to rank well on Google. Ideally, we would prefer the website to have 20 or 30 individual pages rather than using one, but initially this should not be a problem.

We have used our regular SEO tools of SEMrush and Screaming Frog to identify any quick wins from a technical perspective, including:

  • Meta-data optimisation
  • Image optimisation
  • Heading optimisation
  • Sitemap optimisation

And we presented a list of changes to the client to provide their feedback.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the website, we intend to make all the suggested changes live and we should see an immediate impact or secure rankings for their brand name within the first 6 weeks of the campaign.

In addition to site fixes, we have encouraged the client to add more content to the website, to especially beef it up a bit for Google's eyes and also generated some natural links to point to the site from partners and PR. The links should effectively strengthen the domain, which will be vital to secure stronger rankings.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 of the site, we look forward to building a full SEO campaign. This will begin by compiling a long list of keywords that are relevant to Piiq Risk Partner's proposition - surrounding aviation insurance and risk management solutions. Our keyword list will combine both short-term keywords (e.g aviation insurance) and long-tail keywords (insurance for jet engines and insurance for aeroplane engines) - to cover a full range of search.

To maximise our rankings for these keywords, we will create a series of landing pages to target each key phrase and continue to acquire links through aeroplane/aviation specific websites and mainstream press. We will maintain our technical audit of the website by carrying out regular checks using our SEO tools - and this will enable us to secure the best rankings possible within the next 3 to 6 months.




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