A garden full of snails - the art of storytelling.

Louella Schooley - Chirp Communications

Last night, I heard a radio ad. It featured the voice of a young boy saying that he loved snails so much that he wanted to live in a house with a big garden full of snails. The ad was for a bank offering a mortgage - nothing to do with snails.

This ad was telling a story and it captured my attention for that reason.  If the voice over was an adult telling me that bank ‘X’ would offer me a mortgage, I probably wouldn’t have listened. But as the mother of a son, the young boys story made me smile. And the bank had me hooked.

Such is the power of storytelling. Of course, the idea of telling stories to capture attention and generate support is nothing new. But in today’s world, which is crowded with messages and cynical customers, it has never been more challenging to win new customers and maintain their loyalty.

Here’s something to think about: We remember narratives over facts.

Narratives pull at our emotions, they appeal to our senses and they bring facts to life.  When you’re talking about your business, think about how your product or service fits in with your customers lives and find an emotion or a situation that will resonate with them. This will help make your business more meaningful to them.

Of course, storytelling isn’t easy. It requires an understanding of your potential customers, emotional intelligence, cultural insight and experience. But it’s both powerful and memorable. So, what’s your story?


Chirp Communications uses stories to promote products and services and to support change strategies. If you would like some help with telling your story, please reach out to us.  www.chirpcomm.co.uk or via Chirplouella@gmail.com  We really look forward to hearing from you.


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