Getting Equipped with Equipsme!

Daniel Tannenbaum

Our team is delighted to reveal that we have teamed up with health insurance firm Equipsme. Tudor Lodge Consultants has been working hard to improve the firm’s online presence through implementing a thorough white hat SEO strategy, using an array of tools that we have acquired.

About Equipsme

Equipsme makes purchasing health insurance for businesses in the UK simple and easy to do.  The health insurance company provides an alternative, cost-effective solution for firms so that they can insure the health of their employees straightforwardly at a low price. Equipsme’s healthcare plans involve no medical jargon, no medical questions and an easy to understand pricing structure and the same premium for those aged between 16-69 years old.

What we have achieved for Equipsme

Improving functionality: one important aspect of SEO strategy is ensuring that a website is running as fast as possible - if it does not, this can impact bounce rates and its Google ranking. As a result, our team has been working hard to improve Equipsme’s site speed. We have also been working on the functionality of the mobile version of the site to ensure it is user friendly.

Keywords: we have also been carrying out keyword research to make sure that the health insurance firm is ranking high for terms related to the health and medical sector, so that Equipsme ranks higher in SERPs.

Links: Tudor Lodge Consultants understands just how vital having strong links can be when it comes to having an excellent SEO strategy. That is why we have been working on making sure that we have been finding Equipsme reputable and trustworthy links within the health and medical sector, as well as carrying out link reclamation. This also helps make the site easier to crawl for Google indexing.

Site fix: making sure that response codes have been fixed, as well as meta descriptions and titles are of an adequate length with relevant keywords, is important for SEO. This is something the team has been changing on the Equipsme site.


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