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Our client, Mischon Capital, are a real estate debt broker based in Mayfair, London. In order to reward their expertise and fulful the recognition they deserve, our job is to optimise their online platform in terms of both rankings for search engines (mainly Google) and the user experience on the site – the recipe for a company’s online success.

Our end goal is to maximise the user experience and ultimately rank highly on search engines for competitive keywords such as:

  • real estate debt financing
  • mezzanine finance
  • development finance
  • senior loans

This is a particular industry we like, following our success with our clients in the space, such as Bridging Loan Hub.

Our Approach

A full site clean-up – Weak meta data, broken links and website crawl errors can all have devastating results on the online performance of a company website. Keeping these updated is fundamental to successful SEO. Therefore, we focused on this as our initial step in helping Mischon Capital flourish. Google favours websites with properly optimised meta descriptions and meta titles coupled with a website which is free from broken links, images without alt-text and a series of crawl errors. All meta-data includes target keywords at the beginning of the line so that Google picks it up first. You do not want to put your target keywords on every page, as this 'confuses Google' and they will demote all pages. Instead, you want to have focused pages with targeted keywords on each.

Landing Pages – A landing page is a single page on a website by which a visitor “lands” through a Google Search or by clicking a link, either internally or externally. The aim is to drive users towards this page to sell a product. For Mischon Capital, we created landing pages for ‘bridging’, ‘development’ and ‘senior loans’ to aid the user experience and boost the company’s enquires. To achieve both of these goals, we added strong contact forms, optimised images and videos on all landing pages.

Links - We continue to optimise these landing pages by directing strong links and building up their authority. We have been reaching out to links from specific business, finance and property websites and a simple link back to their brand name. We have looked at the links of competitors so we know what Google values highly and will continue to reach out to their partners, whether they are accountants, solicitors or even web designers, to continue to build up their link profile from legitimate companies.



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