Getting on the Right Foot with Herts Flooring

Daniel Tannenbaum

Tudor Lodge Consultants have recently started working with Herts Flooring and Interiors, an independent, family run business specialising in high-quality flooring and stylish interiors (e.g. rugs, blinds and curtains).

The Herts Flooring and Interiors showroom is located in Hemel Hempstead, and works with industry-leading brands to deliver excellent quality items at competitive prices.

Our SEO specialists have recently started working with this client, using a range of different tactics to boost their website’s search engine rankings and thereby promote online visibility.


What Are Tudor Lodge Doing for Herts Flooring and Interiors?

Our team are helping Herts Flooring to better their search engine rankings in various different ways. Firstly, we begun by creating a list of keywords relating to flooring and carpets, and started plans to optimise the site for these keywords.

We’ve also worked with this client to enhance their site’s user experience, utilising strong images to improve aesthetics and draw people in. Additionally, we have also introduced call-to-action (CTA) buttons on the headers and footers of the pages, better guiding users towards the client’s conversion goals. 

Tudor Lodge have also explored content ideas with Herts Flooring, help to further optimise the site. This has included plans for landing pages with useful, optimised content to boost the site for certain keywords, in addition to discussing blog posts that would help to do the same.

Tudor Lodge have also been working on link research for this client, using majestic to find relevant sites involved in home and design, and approaching these sites for opportunities such as guest blogging.

Through guest blogging, we can then write high-quality, informative pieces for other sites that relate back to Herts Flooring through mentions and links. By having enough reputable sites link back to Herts Flooring, we can help to improve their trust flow, further optimising the site and improving its search engine rankings.


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