Getting Techie With Eskenzi

Daniel Tannenbaum

We were delighted to be approached by Eskenzi PR, a specialist PR agency that focuses on tech and cybersecurity across the UK and the globe. The role of tech PR is crucial to push out industry updates including changes in regulation, legal implications and other news stories such as hacking. Eskenzi PR have emerged as one of the leaders in this space and their work for the community and enterprise has been acknowledged with The Queen's Award.

How We Approached Their Site

Carrying out an SEO campaign, we always start by confirming all the keywords that the client wishes to target. In this case, it included things like tech pr company, cybersecurity PR and PR agency London. Next, we have to incorporate all these keywords into the site, either through dedicated landing pages or putting the keywords onto prominent pages such as the homepage or services page. These words are incorporated in the content or better, the meta-title and main h1 heading, so this is weighted far more by Google.

Clean Up of The Site

We always insist on carrying out a clean up of the site in month 1. Using tools such as Screaming Frog and SEMrush, we are able to identify a number of things that need to be fixed, looking at the 189 pages on the website. This includes optimising every meta-title, meta-description, h1, images with alt-text, internal links, sitemap, robots txt and more. This achieves to make the site easily to index by Google and a much cleaner navigation for the user.

Link Building

Eskenzi PR have already generated natural links through their awards and working in the PR space. Our role was to take this up a level by getting links specifically from tech and marketing websites, including TechRound, Talk Business and more. The idea is make the site's backlink profile to be very relevant to tech and PR and also have strong links and not just those on directories and blogs.

We have seen strong progress in the first month and are excited about taking the firm to the next level. 

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