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Daniel Tannenbaum

AI software firm Optalitix is now working with the Tudor Lodge Consultants team to boost its SEO rankings. We are dedicated to helping the startup to develop their SEO practices and increase its online presence to a much wider audience.

Who are Optalitix?

Optalitix provides an AI machine learning solution to startups, with the aim of removing the complexity than can surround business analytics and data modeling. The company allows companies to see measurable advantages across key business metrics, regardless of the industry they are in.

How we are helping Optalitix?

Keyword ranking: The main task we are carrying out for the AI machine learning startup is focusing on keyword research, ensuring that they rank highly on SERPs for terms that relate strongly to their field of expertise.

This includes terms such as ‘ai companies’ and ‘data analytics companies’.  We make sure that content that is created relates to these keywords, as well as ensuring that links to Optalitix feature these terms too.

Market positioning: We wanted to use our knowledge of SEO to position Optalitix in the industry and hopefully when people type anything relating to AI into Google, that they will come up. This includes any "Top 10" lists or "AI Startups to Watch" and working with the publisher to put Optalitix at the top of the tree.

We appreciate that in b2b marketing, conversion rates can be quite low - but if we can establish Optalitix now as a key player in the industry and keep them ranking on different sites in the future, it will maximise their chances of getting a good enquiry.

Content creation: To position the brand further, we are conducting interviews with the company founders across different IT and tech sites and also on Linkedin, to further cement their position in the industry

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