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Daniel Tannenbaum

Zak Agency is a youth marketing agency - focusing on people under 30, also known as the millennial generation. We were contacted by Zak Agency to help the site rank better on Google and other search engines for terms such as youth marketing and creative agencies in London and this is how we approached the campaign.

What is youth marketing?

Youth marketing uses a range of marketing communications to target young people - this includes email, TV, radio, branding, media, advertising, social media, billboards, experiences and more. The tone of youth marketing is typically loud, collaquial, bright and appealing to a younger generation. It is an opportunity for brands to engage with a young, growing generation which is likely to have disposable income for consumer and material goods, and something that can heavily influence their friends and family too.

What we have done for Zak Agency?

Our main objective is to help Zak Agency improve their positions on Google's search for a variety of target keywords. We started by sitting down with the client and compiling a list of key terms that they wish to target including youth marketing agency, creative agency, millennial agency and more. Our next job is to integrate these keywords naturally into the website through meta-data and content.

Site Clean Up: We start the first month with a full site clean up, ensuring that every page is fully optimised from head-to-toe. Every page needed a quality meta-titles, descriptions, h1 headings and every image needs alt-text so that it can be read effectively by Google. As a very visual website, we had to individually address over 1,100 images on the website.

Links: To build up the site's domain, we added some high quality links to the homepage and other main pages of the site. This included links from marketing, tech and news sites - showing relevancy in today's news and also to build up some authority. This is something that will put them in good stead for the long-term future.

Next Steps: Once the site has been cleaned up and has started to rank nicely, we can now look at some new opportunities to capture some traffic and high quality customers. For instance, we aim to propose some useful guides to position the company in the youth, digital space such as:

"How many instagram followers do you need to become an influencer?"

"What is the millennial market worth in the UK?"

"Which social media platforms are most used by young people"

We are delighted with the initialy progress of the campaign, since we have captured a top 5 position for 'youth marketing agency' within the first month and look forward to building on this success over the next few months.


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