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Our client, My Doctor London, is a private medical clinic which is based in Euston, Central London. Our aim as SEO experts is to provide My Doctor London with the visibility that they deserved as a high-quality medical practitioner. We want to position their brand identity as a leading doctor's surgery in the centre of London for main terms like 'doctor London' and 'doctors in Euston', as well as other, more specific services they offer such as ‘blood testing London’, ‘marathon testing London’, ‘hay fever jabs London’.

The following is what we did to maximize optimisation and user experience on the website to ensure the best results possible.

Full site clean-up – For successful SEO, a website must be optimised from head-to-toe and our first port of call is to conduct a 'health check' of the website. This means that the meta-descriptions and meta-titles have to be relevant and include specific keywords for Google to pick up. The idea is to have one page focusing on one main product - for instance, having multiple pages on hayfever jabs would usually cause the site to be demoted on Google due to lack of prioritisation. 

To make sure the site is optimised, all images must feature an alt-text and all links which are broken or show a crawl error must be corrected. This information can be found on Google's Search Console and it is a simple 301 redirect to the most relevant page which will ensure a smooth SEO transition.

We updated the website's sitemap, which is a simple file that lists all the pages of the website. Google's preference is that it is in an XML format so that it is constantly updated and refreshed. The URL of the sitemap can simply be added to Google's Search Console so that it can be crawled.

Links – Links from reputable, external sources as a form of PR or resource are well received by search engines such as Google to build up trust and authority. In this case, we wanted links to be medical focused to build up their position in the industry. We reached out to different medical journals, news sites and resources and asked them to reference My Doctor London and include a link. Something very topical to write about was having marathon medicals with the recent marathon season in play and this summer will be a good opportunity to write about hayfever jabs and tips to reduce hayfever symptoms.

The results after the first two months have been very positive. We have secured the page one positions we aimed for 'doctors in london' and 'doctors in euston' - but remain on pages 2 to 5 of Google for all other target keywords. Our work is not done, we need to continue acquiring strong links and bulking up the site with regular guides and useful content to help the website rank effectively.


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