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Our client, Alistage, are a leading indoor and outdoor staging manufacturer and hire company - and have provided stages for huge companies including Channel 4, BBC, MTV and Arsenal Football Club.

Alistage build and design stages for TV shows, music festivals and concerts, as well as sporting events in the UK. One of our aims was to reflect the 35 years of experience that Alistage has in what they do through their website and their search engine rankings. In order to do this, we have given the website a face-lift by redesigning it and building it with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. 

Website Clean Up – The clean up or 'health check' is commonly the first thing we do when optimising a site for a new client. We made it our mission to update all meta-titles and meta descriptions, making sure each image had an appropriate alt-text and fixing any broken links or crawl errors which may cause the website to fall down the Google rankings. After all, Google favours websites which are deemed clean.

With a lot of products offered by Alistage it was important to determine one key page for each main product and not have any overlap. Once we know which keywords are going to target each page, we can add the keywords into the meta-data, headings and focus any internal links and inbound links with those particular keywords (and anchor text) to help it rank.

Link Building – Succesful SEO requires strong backlinks to a website, as it builds up trust and authority. With our client Alistage, we started to seek out backlinks in the lifestyle and entertainment space and then it is a case of writing useful guides or asking them to feature Alistage products and simply linking back to their website. In addition, we looked at links which had been secured by their competitors (using Majestic SEO tool) and it is a matter of simply emulating this approach. If Google likes particular links, it is logical that you will be rewarded for the same of similar links - provided that they are quality and not on paid listings or directories

The SEO results for Alistage have been extremely positive, securing a page one positiong for 'hire a stage' and 'hire a stage london' within the first 4 weeks of implementing changes. The next step is to land page one positions for more particular products and keywords including music stages, catwalk stages, tiered platforms and bar systems too.

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