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Our client, Choose Wisely, is a lending company which offers business loans, guarantor loans, credit cards and bad credit loans – to name a few. It basically covers all financial products and holds a brilliant reputation for doing so.

In our work for Choose Wisely, one of our main aims was to reflect their expertise and their company culture as young, fun and vibrant. We wanted to do this through creating a site which was altogether informative, attractive and user-friendly whilst remaining professional and clear.

Keywords & Links

To boost a websites SEO, an effective approach is to seek out relevant keywords and target them on the site. So, for Choose Wisely, we reviewed all their current keywords and aimed to get a few quick wins to get the ball rolling.

External links are also very beneficial to the performance of a site on Google or Bing. We reached out to those in the business and finance world for links on their website which were directed towards the Choose Wisely homepage or a particular landing page which they were aiming to promote.

To conduct link outreach, we used the tool Majestic to reveal what links their competitors and those who held the top spots on Google for the same targeted key words had obtained. We then approached the same website and asked about featuring Choose Wisely. We also searched Google for places in which Choose Wisely was mentioned online, but no link was provided. Here, we simply got in contact and asked them to add a link where their name was mentioned.

Revamping the Site

In order to help Choose Wisely to rank well, we reorganised their landing page’s content to appear clearer, target stronger key words and to improve the overall user experience.

We added loans eligibility calculators above the fold, forms and worked to optimise their headings, meta-data and keywords on each page. 


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