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We are delighted to be working with Equity Release Online ( helping them maximise their SEO rankings on Google.

We were approached by the firm after specialising in finance and mortgages (see our case study from Magnet Capital) and here are our main is gain increased visibility on Google for search terms such as equity release, lifetime mortgages and home reversions.

About the product

Equity release has become increasingly popular in the UK and you may have noticed more adverts on TV promoting it. It essentially allows people over 55 to release money from their home. If they have spent years paying their mortgage, they would have built up equity and now they can sell off this equity in exchange for one large cash sum. This can be very useful to pay for lifestyle costs, supplement a pension, home improvements or consolidate debts. Borrowers usually release around £65,000 to £80,000 and they can continue living in their home until they die or go until long term care, and then this is when the lender claims their equity in the home and ideally gains from an increased property value.

What work we are doing for them

Starting fresh with a brand new site, we really needed to bulk up the content and have since created a number of landing pages for the different types of equity release products (lifetime, drawdown only, home reversion) and also a number of very specific guides to tick off a lot of key terms and things that people might be searching for on Google. Ideally, to create a lot of relevance and authority around the brand Equity Release Online. Content titles include:

  • How many equity release mortgages per year
  • Average loan size
  • What is the industry worth
  • Is it safe?
  • What are the alternatives?
Links, links and more links

Getting links pointing back to the site is essential to build up authority and trust. We have placed a number of links on news sites, to create relevance, and also sites that discuss mortgages, property, finance and business - to show a nice mix and range. We have to be careful in terms of what text we use to link because Equity Release Online is an exact brand match and linking the word equity release too many times could be overkill, so we have incorporated other terms such as click here and read more.

Whilst it is very early days, we are very excited to show some real progress for ERO and expect to see some strong results in 3 to 6 months!

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