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Daniel Tannenbaum, Tudor Lodge Consultants

We were approached by Litigation Backing to help launch their new site, focused on litigation finance and helping individuals and companies finance their court fees to win a potential compensation. Our role as SEO consultants also transcends to web design and maximising conversions and below we explain some of the key points we implemented to deliver a strong finished product.

Web Design

Understanding the clients' target customers was key. Whilst there are lots of claims and disputes out there for accidents that were not your fault and the wave of injuries lawyers etc, the core customers for Litigation Backing are in fact large corporates or people who are looking to pursue large corporates. As a result, we designed the site to target those in the corporate sphere, specifically use dark burgundy red which is a strong, trustworthy colour and also using more corporate language and stock images of London to give that corporate feel. 

Other popular ways to improve trust are through trust logos of their partners and a detailed FAQs section to answer any key questions.

Conversion Optimisation

We always believe that the site's user should be able to make an enquiry just one click away or within 'touching distance.' This was achieved through a strong form and data capture on the homepage, above the fold. Also, we added an essential call us and phone number on the header, above the main navigation and throughout the content, have included internal links to the contact us page and places where they can submit a enquiry. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the at the forefront of what we do - which refers to using techinques to get companies to the top of Google. Fortunately, we have started the site from scratch which means that it has no previous errors or things holding it back such as spammy content or links.

We ensured that the site was optimised in the meta data and a strong h1 heading at the top of each page, which regularly included the target keywords of that page. 

We have included a number of key landing pages to target a specific product, also placing forms and call-to-action buttons where possible.

Finally, we are working on acquiring a lot of natural links to the site through business, legal and news sites - something that will build up the domain and help the site rank successfully.

It is still early days for the client but we are confident in delivering page one for results for a number of keywords relating to litigation finance within the 6 month benchmark.

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