How do Casinos Survive?

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One of the biggest problems that many gamblers face is the ability to do business with a casino company for many years. Longevity is not a thing that gambling companies are known for, especially in the age of the online casino. In this environment, however, there are still some innovative and strong companies that have stood up to the test of time, becoming better as they go. Here are some casino companies with great longevity that you can definitely trust if you are a gambler who is looking for a homebase.

There are many other brands like that are showcasing the same properties as these long-standing icons in the industry. Newer brands are also making their way into the online space, so you can expect to see some of the big names in the industry follow suit. However, the new and expanded world of online gambling allows for many new brands to take market share without necessarily stepping on the toes of the big boys. We can probably expect to see many more casino companies with great longevity in the near future, as new technology allows innovative people within those companies to create unique experiences for their clients.

MGM Resorts

Many people know MGM as the movie studio, but it is actually a brand that owns many iconic casinos around the world. Its flagship in Las Vegas is one of the most highly trafficked gambling centers on the planet. Its portfolio also includes the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Mirage in Las Vegas and many other huge performers in Springfield, Macau and other international cities.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment definitely has longevity. As one of the oldest company brands in the casino industry, gamblers can expect a great time from its more than seven decades of experience. Under the Caesars umbrella resides the Horseshoe and Harrah’s brand of casinos. Its portfolio also includes Caesars Atlantic City, Ballys Atlantic City and many casinos in the international market such as its holdings in Vietnam and Egypt.

Crown Resorts

As the biggest casino company in Australia, Crown Resorts is a huge holder of many brands in the land down under. Australian billionaire James Packer was the fuel in the fire behind this brand for many years, and he was actually the catalyst for the brand launching in many new markets outside of Australia. Crown Resorts recently opened its new building in Macau after it teamed up with Melco International. The brand was actually blocked in Sri Lanka, but it is building in Las Vegas.

SJM Holdings

This company is based in Hong Kong and serves as a holding company for many brands that come out of that area. Stanley Ho, Hong Kong billionaire, is the wind in the sales of this company. Its portfolio includes the Casa Real, Lisboa Casino Hotel and Ponte 16 Resort Macau.

Wynn Resorts

Steve Wynn, billionaire and chairman, is responsible for some of the most luxurious casino properties in the world. This is a brand that has survived many eras of the casino industry. Its portfolio now includes incredible properties in Las Vegas and Macau. They are also building a new location in Boston Harbor.

Galaxy Entertainment

Coming out of Hong Kong, this brand has concentrated itself strictly on the Macau market. However, it will soon begin construction on a location in Boracay of the Philippines in 2019. The family owned company comes out of the Lui family of Hong Kong. Its portfolio includes the Waldo Casino Hotel, the Broadway Macau, the Starworld Casino and Hotel, the Galaxy Macau Casino and the President Casino and Hotel.

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