How Marketing for the Beer and Brewing Industry Is Changing

Gavin Willis - Creative Media

Things have come a long way since the writer Brendan Behan proposed “Guiness gets you drunk” as a new slogan for Ireland’s most famous export.

Nowadays, regulations wouldn’t allow you make any pithy claims about a beverage’s capacity to make you intoxicated—and, as it happens, consumers are tending to look for a bit more in their pint than a means of drowning their sorrows.

Breweries in Norfolk

Norfolk happens to be one of the best counties in the UK for new and established breweries and beer.

Smaller-scale breweries like Panther, Redwell, The Wolf Brewery and Humpty Dumpty can be found in many pubs in the area, while beers by Woodfordes are being stocked in national supermarkets and quickly becoming household names.

Norfolk is a great place to be if you’re a discerning beer drinker. And this led us to think of craft beers and breweries as businesses—businesses that have to market themselves to the right customers, with all the resources and creativity that other businesses need for their brands to grow.

Things have changed an awful lot. The luxury market has grown enormously when it comes to beer, as it has for other drinks too. When many of us think of brewing and especially craft beer we increasingly think of young men with beards, tattoos, and excellent palettes rather than older men with flat caps who can be found in their favourite pub, drinking the same pint every time.


Marketing beer for a different audience

What younger audiences and business owners bring to the table is greater variety, greater knowledge, a use of modern marketing tools such as social media, and a greater emphasis on fun and smart designs reflecting the care put into creation of a product they’re truly proud of.

Which is not to say the beer they’re making is any better, per se. It’s just that it’s being marketed with a bit more creativity. Beer and brewery marketing is increasingly moving with the times.

The need for breweries to market themselves successfully can be seen in the efforts of marketing agencies targeting brewers and craft beer specifically, not to mention in all the new, modern and beautifully designed cask ale symbols that can now be seen in every pub.

With breweries like BrewDog using social media, collective ownerships schemes and cutting-edge advertising to take up space in the market previously dominated by the InBev giants (Budweiser, Becks, et al), craft beers are investing more and more into marketing and branding, looking to become the next big thing.

So in Norfolk, we’re lucky enough to have beers that taste amazing, use clever messaging, and have wonderful packaging too. See Grain Brewery, Redwell Brewing and Bullards Beers for inspiration. Let's hope for more success stories in the years to come.


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