How SEO friendly is your website?

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SEO is little bit of a mine-field on first look. It is an ongoing job which has to be worked on continuously, which is why it can be a little tricky for brands to keep an eye on. If you’re also not up to date or knowledgeable about SEO, then, where do you start?


Understanding SEO is the first step, and knowing if your website is SEO friendly becomes a close second, after all.. how can you know this if you don’t know what you’re looking for?


So, what is SEO?


SEO is built up of numerous factors and, without giving away all of our special talents, here are a few to help you determine whether your website is SEO friendly –


  • Firstly, are the content management systems SEO friendly? If not, your website will sadly never become a friend of SEO. Sites such as Wix are unfortunately not built for SEO, however, Wordpress is.
  • Google loves a layout that makes sense, are your H1s, H2s and H3s in the place they should be?
  • Have you got all of your meta descriptions, title tags and ALT tags in place?
  • Finally, do you have a strong list of key search terms that are placed strategically around the site?


As above, SEO is a little bit of a mine-field. With each of our clients, such as Trott Rentals and Bromley Car Repairs, who are currently flying on Google, we have made sure that each of these steps have been undertaken, ensuring that we are consistently updating each website when needed.

Taking a search term such as “Bromley garage” which receives over 90 searches a month in London, and “van hire” which receives over 210 searches a month in Norwich, and optimising these simple key words has enabled our clients to reach the first and second place in Google for these terms, giving them a greater chance of receiving new clientele ahead of their competitors.


With such a time consuming and complex job, it is always best to hire an expert when it comes to the ins and outs of SEO and, not that we like to brag about it, but take us for example, we have a team of dedicated SEO specialists that love to know everything about SEO. We take pride in seeing our clients fly to the top of search engines. So, let us help you too; we’ll audit your site to see whether it is SEO friendly, then... we’ll go from there and help you to transform your business.


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