How a single page site can be good for your SEO

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Single page websites are becoming more and more popular for smaller businesses and trade businesses, such as a builder or an electrician. Single page sites suit these industries more, as all of their key business information can easily be captured on one page, unlike a site with online sales or multiple services.

These single page sites get the message across easily, pointing out the benefits of that business and the services they can offer, then directing the customer to easy call to actions so they can contact that company. It’s quick and easy, something that more and more customers are looking for in websites.


How can you fit your SEO into this?


SEO can still work well for single page sites, in some cases, even better. In terms of link building, you will only ever have to direct the links to one URL, gaining some real strength and authority into that page. As you cannot add any inbound links into a single page site, these backlinks can score you some great points to jump in front of your competitors.


The down side to having a single page site, is that you are not able to have more than a handful of key words. Normally, for each landing page that you are looking to optimise for, you can add in 5 for each page, giving you a greater chance of coming up on search engines. However, this does not mean that your competitors will be ahead of the game. There is a greater chance of being able to optimise all key searches effectively, because there is only a handful of them, enabling you to really optimise the ones you do have.


When creating content, it can be a little harder to add in key words, as of course, there is less content to go on the page as there would be with a multipage site. Thinking outside the box for these search terms can be crucial for your SEO. Adding them into your ALT tags, file names, body text and the meta descriptions can often break them up a bit more, still giving you some bonus points for Google.


If you’re interested in having a single page site, take a look at our most recent designs with Electrec and Aylsham Roofing. Two great examples of how you can have a really great looking site, that’s still eye catching, but also informative and easy for the user.


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