How to use social media for your business

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Daniel Tannenbaum

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using social media, but talking about their own company is not always the most thrilling thing to be talking about or posting. Sure, if you work in the food or fashion industry, there are a lot of interesting photos you can add and find different ways to engage with your customers. But for more financial stories and B2B customers, talking about car insurance or plastic machinery can be very uneventful. With this in mind, Tudor Lodge give some tips to jazz up your social media.

Talk about your staff

Staff love to be appreciated - its common sense. Posting work profiles or interesting stories about staff is likely to get engagement. Not just by existing followers who are keen to learn more about your brand, but also their own friends and family who want to show their support. Funny stories, likes and dislikes or even individual interviews can go down well and always be sure to use a strong image of the person.

Talk about your clients

No need to constantly boost about your success, but talk about how you are helping your clients, making their lives easier or what you are sharing together. This not only says who your clients are which can get competitors or new business engaged, but also shows the quality and potential of your work. Again, you must use a strong and engaging photo because people respond well to other people's faces on social media.

Do charity work

Social media is a great reason to do charity work if there ever was one, because it gives you an opportunity to do good things and share those positive connotations of charity work. This includes being involved in fun runs, donating to children, developing countries or something related to animals. This is a great thing to do with Facebook stories or Instagram stories, as per this guide here on How businesses use Instagram stories.

Competitions and giveaways

In the b2c world, giveaways and competitions are always good ways to encourage new users and customers. Ideally, try get existing customers to invite new ones and reward them too, through points, referral systems or other discounts.



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