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Louella Schooley - Chirp Communications

Doing things that you enjoy is much better than doing things you don’t. Fact. When you like doing something you tend to do it better…and with a smile on your face. And as we all know, smiles are contagious.

This adage of enthusiasm being infectious is true in business too. If you really love what you do (or sell, or provide), your passion is clear for all to see. So we say, let your passion shine – sing about it from the hill tops and watch people gravitate towards you.


By showing your passion for your business in any promotions that you do, you will both excite your customers and build confidence that they are in safe hands. When writing a B2C travel website recently, we consciously tapped into love of travel felt by the employees and reflected this in the passages that we wrote. How did we do this? We listened to them and their stories, got excited about the services they offer, then  reflected this in the language we chose. It was appropriate copy for the industry and their audience but we allowed the human emotion to show through. This will begin to build trust needed between a travel company and it’s customers – trust that they will be looked after and get a good value.


At a recent networking event we listened to Sahar Hashemi, founder of Coffee Republic, speak about her passion for her business. She used positive words such as “love” and “enthusiasm” frequently. She wasn't afraid to tell anyone how much she enjoyed what she does. After time and a lot of hard work, someone else felt that passion and bought her coffee company. Of course, first and foremost, it was a great business idea, but people bought into her and her vision. Sahar was smiling as she told us her story about her “baby”, so much so that we couldn’t wait to talk to her after her presentation – and over half the room did too. She lit a spark within us and reminded us that showing an emotional response, in a business environment, to something you love, is ok.

“When you believe in something the force of your convictions will spark other people’s interest…” Richard Branson.

Of course, we recognise that passion is not the whole story – you need to have a genuine product or service that fills a need for your customers – but, when it comes to promotion, don’t be afraid of showing your passion. This can take many different forms – but the language and imagery you use are obvious ways of reflecting your positive emotions about your business. Watch how people move towards a smiling face at a networking event or respond to the “real emotion” of business on social media. Don’t be afraid, show your passion – and by the way, we love writing!

Many thanks to the Norfolk Network and Lucy Marks for introducing us to Sahar Hashemi, it was a great day.  



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