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Alex Cosham, Image Display & Graphics

We’ve experienced a lot of change in our 30 years of events and exhibitions, from the introduction of emails to the birth of the internet to the explosion of social media to mention a few. Closer to home what has surprised us is the growth and diversification of the portable and modular display market. What was once a specialised sector of our very own exhibition and display industry, aided with the advent of online availability & marketing, this industry sector has been laid bare for all to exploit. As the name implies, these portable, easy to use, self-assembly display systems came about in the early 1990’s to provide useful DIY solutions to those wishing to promote their services or products and exhibit on a budget. Over the years we’ve seen these products both evolve into some of the most fantastic and innovative products such as Link 2T3 and Twist, and devolve into the budget bin of banners, pop-ups and displays. Indeed a race to the bottom in terms of both price and quality with sub-standard displays failing at events, now accepted as a commonplace occurrence and fair collateral damage by those who supply such products from the bargain bucket.

So we were left thinking…you wouldn’t feed your pedigree pooch on a diet of fast food or fuel up your Maserati with lemonade, at least we hope you wouldn’t. So why would you fuel your marketing campaign with lacklustre displays not suited to the task and prone to breakage leaving you high and dry at the crucial moment?

We’ve always focused on quality and our client’s exhibition and event success, so we have never stocked the ‘budget bin’ varieties. Our main brand budget products offer a core standard build quality, guarantees and of course our uncompromising quality in graphics which we maintain across our full range. However with the ever quickening race to the bottom, which we really don’t want to be part of, we’ve seen many main brand manufacturers forced to include increasingly cheaper budget products in order to compete.  This reduction in price is naturally accompanied with a reduction in quality. Consider the humble roll up budget banner stand cassette, which first came to market in the early 90’s with a retail price tag of £189.00, and that’s without a graphic. Today 25 years on, a budget version complete with its carry bag typically retails at £18.00! Just how good do we expect these to be?

So what to do? Well we say enough is enough, we’ve drawn a line and started our Campaign for Better Portables!  

Subsequently we’ve audited our entire product range, with a focus on quality, function and our clients’ needs. So when it comes to your events, your business and your brand, keep an eye out for our Image Display & Graphics ‘Event Approved’ stamp.

These are products we recommend and vouch for when it comes to exhibitions and events, offering robust build, long-term use and our own high-quality graphic finish. Don’t worry if you are still looking for an economical product, we still stock these for shorter term promotional use. Although we do hope that as you invest in your business, your brand and your events, you will also invest in displays that stand up to the task, joining us in our campaign for better portables!

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