Life as you know it, without a mobile site

Geraldine Jozefiak - Think Mobile Media

The weight of quotes and statistics are overwhelmingly for companies embracing mobile sites.
The speed at which customers make a move is staggering, and every vote they make affects your bottom line. For a fractional outlay compared against lost custom you could potentially secure, and lock in each and every customer accessing your business on their mobile.

It’s not just your customer you owe it to. Give yourself a break too.

You have the power to mobilise your customers into action. By saying yes to a mobile friendly site you can expect to watch business grow

Making your current website accessible to your mobile customers doesn’t just make sense in today’s economy. It’s essential. Meet your customers on every corner. Join them – at their convenience.

You may never know how much custom you’ve missed. But you’ll certainly enjoy the new custom on its way.

So what do you say? It’s doesn’t make business sense to give your competitors any more easy pickings. Going mobile lets you reclaim the custom that was yours in the first place.

Mobile won’t be ignored and accepting the change now will mean quicker, greater benefits in the future

If you aren’t the decision maker, talk to them.  Let them know that you get the power of going mobile.  Point them to some facts and tune into the sweet sound of your sales line ringing off the hook!

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